Indie Rock Music: Ultimate Guide for Rock Lovers

The roots of Indie rock may be drawn back from the US and the UK. It started releasing independent music in the 1980s. Today, artists consider themselves as part of the Indie family. Moreover, this genre is still authentic and against conventional society and culture.

Indie Labels in Canada

Canada is a country full of talents. Many Indie rock artists come from this country. So, it’s certain that most reputable Indie labels originate from this place too. Here are renowned labels in Canada:

1.Revolutions per minute (RPM) – This is a new label that is aiming at releasing indigenous music. The founder established the label because there was no other company that was concentrating when it comes to indigenous music. So, now the founder has created something that society can rely on.

2.Paper Bag – Since 2000, the record label has been working hard to release music. This is a small and independent establishment that also focuses on managing artists. The company primarily concentrates on the Indie rock in Toronto.

3.Show Release – It is an experimental, pop, and electronic label that aims at changing how other labels functions. The founder started this establishment in 2015 to create music that fans could love.

4.Arts and Crafts – Basically, this is one of the independent and successful labels in Canada. It concentrates on offering the best services to artists and provide information about music to the media. It has around 21 Junos for the excellent work it has been doing since its establishment.

How Indie Rock Musicians and Artists Can Brand Themselves

Of course, many artists are trying to succeed in the business of music. Things are not as easy as they may seem. It needs perseverance, hard work, and dedication. So, musicians who want to make it in the entertainment industry should consider ways, such as the following:

  • Website – Successful artists not only have blogs but also have websites that they use to their advantage. With a perfect website, it would be easy to gear up when it comes to bands, shows, experience, and music.
  • Concerts, as well as performances – Live performances, are perfect for artists who are trying to succeed in the field. These events offer artists the opportunity of showcasing their talents to the world.
  • Record labels – These days, there are many record labels that artists may be part of. But it would be essential for them to evaluate the dependability of different labels. Some of the reputable labels are Paper Bag and RPM.


The music industry is getting interesting day by day. Many Indie rock labels are emerging to ensure that this independent genre thrives and succeeds. In addition, many artists are rising every day in Canada. But it is a matter of the time and effort that they invest in making their careers successful.