An Overview of Indie Rock Music

Technically, Indie rock refers to the rock music genres that originated from the United Kingdom and the United States. This type of music describes independent record labels. In 1990, Indie rock subdivided into a few subgenres as well as other related styles. These include noise pop, post-rock, math rock, sad core, and lo-fi, among others.

Indie Labels in Canada

Canada has many Indie labels that are independent. However, this article is going to narrow down to a few labels, such as the following:

  • Flemish Eye – This is a label that began in the year 2003 in Alberta. Inifiniheart was the first and successful release. Because of its success, the label vowed to help Calgary-based artists and musicians. Since 2003, this label has succeeded in releasing around nine albums.
  • Rover Records – Rover is one of the Canadian independent labels. It was established in 1993, and since then, the organization has produced a few releases. Most of the albums are recorded in Nanaimo, N. Ireland, British Columbia, studios in Pacific Island, and Emerald studios.
  • Griffin Music – This is another independent label that started in 1989. Basically, it was established to finance and record an album of Michael White, The White, and Led Zeppelin.
  • Arbutus Records – It is a management company and record label that’s based in Montreal. The label was established by a few musicians and artists who came together. The reason for creating it was to cultivate and promote bands that are related to space. Today, this label has grown outside the city of Montreal.

Ways That Rock Musicians Can Create a Name for Themselves

The road to being a successful musician has never been simpler. It not only needs patience but also requires practice and hard work. These days, the entertainment industry is flocked with many bands and artists. So, it may be challenging to get attention from labels, producers, and managers. But with these tips, musicians can create a brand from themselves.

1.Creativity on concerts and performances – The best way to reach to the world is to come up with a killer and creative performance.

2.A reputable label – It’s best to join a reputable label to get exposure.

3.Creating a website – A good website attracts the attention of producers, managers, and fans.


There are many genres, but Indie rock has become popular not only in Canada but across the globe. So, artists should create brands on their own and be part of the reputable labels.